We will assemble a dedicated team of hospitality professionals who will be assigned with the following experiences:

Credentials in hotel development and operations.
Hands-on hotel experience both in Revenue & Operations.
Able to understand the operator with the interest of the owner.
Provide professional Executive feedback on operations, profitability, cash flow and return on investment.
Provide evaluation on future expansion and acquisitions.


Short and long term planning includes both operational and capital budgeting which includes:

3 or 6 months forecast.
Annual Business Plan.
Budget Reviews.
CapEx planning.
Monthly financial review and 3 months future activities.
3 months marketing and promotional plan.


We will look into various projects and other ad-hoc issues that will emerge which will require a managerial approach:

Staffing and Human Resource Management and Training Need Analysis.
Management Information Systems.
Sustainability and energy management ( “Green”).
Preventive maintenance.
Property refurbishments and renovations.
Third party contracts and agreements.
Compliance and legal issues.
Property licenses.


Conduct a strategic review of the property and location.
Analyze the market conditions and competitor set.
Identify and understand owner’s key objectives and concerns.
Focus on key factors to understand the owner’s investment objectives, R.O.I. expectations, investment horizon and risk profile.
To review and provide a comprehensive marketing and promotion plan.
To review and provide recommendations regarding pricing strategy.
To conduct an initial operational service audit.


By strategic performance review, a detailed consultancy report will be provided and management proposal will be submitted to the operator.
KPI’s to achieve will be:

To increase the property’s overall revenue and GOP.
To reduce Cost of Sales compared to historical records.
Provide an operational strategy and promotion plan.
Increase Digital and Online foot print.
Identify specific training activities for different departments.
Market supply and demand updates.
Competitive benchmarking analysis.
Performance analysis against budget and prior years.
Review of sales and marketing activities.
Revenue analysis and cost control.
Pricing strategy and (seasonal) promotional activities.
Review of operator charges, contract compliance and compensation.
Review of guest satisfaction surveys and key comments.
FF&E control.
Operational improvement reports across all departments.


During the initial strategic review, we will have an in-depth look into the following:

Comprehensive physical property review.
Detailed market review and competition benchmarking.
Review of historical operational and financial performance.
Review of 3 years historical YOY P&L.
Review of operator contracts, agreements and compensation.
Supplier contracts review.
Review of key GOP influencers (pay roll, utilities, other expenses).

Based on the above information gathered, we will derive a set of key recommendations for change management in collaboration with the operator with the objective to improve P&L, Guest satisfaction, staff needs.